Boon Edam Launches New Secure Airborne Detection System at GSX


ATLANTA, GA – Global producer of architectural revolving doors and security entrances Boon Edam has introduced its new secure overhead detection system, BE Secure.

Introduced at GSX 2022 this year, the system is designed for use with Turnlock full-height turnstiles. Designed with detection and prevention in mind, the system works in tandem with Boon Edams full height turnstile offerings to prevent piggybacking.

“Boon Edam’s full-height turnstiles have long been a solution to deter unauthorized entry and tailgating with their sturdy, rugged design,” said Boon Edam Vice President of Products and Technology Kurt Measom. . “With the addition of the BE Secure Overhead Detection System, we are now able to solve the piggyback problem as well. For our customers, this translates into a safer and more efficient security perimeter.

Boon Edam said the BE Secure system can be ordered with its full-height Turnlock 100 and Turnlock 150 turnstiles pre-installed as a factory-supplied option or can be retrofitted with a field kit. For now, however, their Turnlock 200 model will only feature BE Secure as a special factory request on newly shipped products.

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