Three Vastaamo employees suspected of data protection breaches


THE NATIONAL OFFICE survey (KRP) on Monday declared that it has concluded its preliminary investigation into data security practices at the Vastaamo Psychotherapy Center, revealing that three employees in charge of data security are suspected of data protection breaches.

The case will now go to a prosecutor for consideration of the charges.

Marko Leponenthe Detective Chief Inspector in charge of the investigation at KRP on Monday Told Helsingin Sanomat that the investigation focused on the state of data security and data protection practices at the psychotherapy center before and after what appears to be a series of hacks that led to the disclosure of information sensitive on thousands of customers on the darknet.

The data breach was detected in the fall of 2020. The first hack, however, is said to have taken place as early as 2018.

Leponen said the three suspects have largely denied the criminal charges and provided conflicting statements about how events unfolded and the distribution of data security responsibilities.

The investigation, he said, was difficult because it involved collecting and reviewing large amounts of technical data. The preliminary investigation into the data breach itself is still ongoing.

“He has been under active investigation for two years, and the investigation is still ongoing. It looks like we should be able to clear it up at some point,” Leponen commented. didn’t hit a wall.”

He declined to speculate on the timeline for the investigation, saying investigators are moving “one day, one week and one month” at a time.

KRP previously revealed that “an interesting line of inquiry” points outside of Europe. The Vastaamo psychotherapy center was declared bankrupt in February 2021.

Aleksi Teivainen – HT


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