100 forest officers sacrificed lives for the protection of the woods in JK


SRINAGAR: In Jammu and Kashmir, around 100 forest officers and officials have sacrificed their lives for the protection of the rich forest wealth, an official statement has revealed.

Senior officials and guards at a memorial in Kashmir erected to the memory of officials who sacrificed their lives for the protection of forests. National Forest Martyrs Day is celebrated on September 11.

To recognize their supreme sacrifice, the Forestry Department recently erected four memorials to the foresters. “Of the four, two are located in Jammu and Kashmir, two memorials were erected at Shankaracharya Hills and Kashmir Forestry Training School, Chitternar,” the statement issued on the National Day of martyrs of the forest. Since 2013, 9/11 has been celebrated in India as National Forest Martyrs Day.

“The Forest Martyrs Memorial, Shankaracharya Hills, Srinagar, erected in memory of the J&K Forest Martyrs, was dedicated by the frontline forestry staff at the J&K Forestry Department in the presence of Dr. Mohit Gera, Conservator Principal Chief of Forestry and HoFF,” the statement read. . “Also present on the occasion were Dr. Neelu Gera, PCCF and Chairman of the Pollution Control Committee and T Rabi Kumar, APCCF Kashmir.”

Later in the day, a brief reception was held at Sheikhbagh Forest Headquarters, Srinagar for the distribution of departmental awards to 17 frontline forest officers and staff for their outstanding performance in ‘Reforestation/Forest Protection’ /training and capacity building/demarcation for the year 2021-22.

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