The North Bay Council Chamber will see a $162,000 audio-visual equipment upgrade


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The North Bay Council Chamber will see the installation of new audio visual equipment.

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City Council has approved the awarding of a contract to Global Unified Solution Services Inc. for $162,092.64 (plus HST) for the supply and installation of audio visual equipment in council chambers.

Deputy Mayor Tanya Vrebosch said this is long overdue.

“I don’t know if people have noticed, but when people present our failing technology, things don’t show up on the screen, so people watching from home can’t see it. Our technology is old, it’s at least eight years old and it’s time to fix it.

She said the new technology will also help those who are hard of hearing.

“There will be a Bluetooth component so if you’re sitting in the gallery you can put a device in your ear so you can hear properly, if you have a hearing aid it will have Bluetooth capability whether that’s is for council meetings, POA (provincial offenses administration) or public meetings, it will help those who have accessibility issues.

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Com. Ed Valenti seconded the motion saying technology in boardrooms needs to be improved.

“I hope the next council and the residents appreciate the new system which is relevant to making council meetings public in a fair manner.”

According to a report by Mary-Ann Kotylak, Director of Purchasing and Steven W. Melnichuk, Director of Information Systems, a comprehensive review of the current technology used in boardrooms was conducted by Information Systems.

“Several hardware components are end of support and are currently only being serviced to the extent possible. With the return to in-person board meetings, as well as the return to in-person court hearings. The current setup is also inadequate for meetings hybrid in-person and virtual, as requested by the Provincial Offenses Authority (POA),” according to the report.

“Given the complexity of audio and video technologies, the need for in-person and virtual meetings, as well as the dual-use functions of council chambers, a consultative approach was taken to ensure that stakeholder needs were met. with the new equipment.

The equipment should be installed later this year.


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