OpenLab x TokenTraxx on their 1st audiovisual NFT collection


Innovative Ibiza-based music and arts platform OpenLab is set to launch a very special set of art x music collaborative NFTs. This announcement follows the announcement that their early access Future Pass will arrive on August 3rd.

The project is the first initiative with TokenTraxx. Together, they bring together cutting-edge musical talent with some of the most exciting names in visual art to create new, collectible audiovisual works.

OpenLabs and TokenTraxx collaborate on an audiovisual NFT project like no other

What is the 1st OpenLab x TokenTraxx NFT collaboration project?

The project, called “New Mycelium Network”, is inspired by the network roots of fungi. Moreover, he takes collaboration as a starting point for imaginative and creative starts in difficult times. At 6:00 p.m. BST on August 3, a very limited number of OpenLab Future passes will be available through TokenTraxx. In short, these passes provide early access to this exclusive NFT drop.

This is the first of many ambitious cross-platform creative collaborations between OpenLab and TokenTraxx. But why? Well, TokenTraxx is on a mission to be at the center of a new independent economy of music and art creators. They aim to achieve this goal by providing an NFT-driven platform that financially supports and benefits the entire artistic community.

About Audiovisual NFTs and the Artists Behind Them

So far, Kate Somko and Ellie Pritts and Saeko Ehara x Xiaolin drops are the first two collaborations in the works. However, there are more announcements coming very soon. Of course, all Future Pass holders will get early access.

Ellie Pritts cellist and Kate Simko pianist for tokentraxx and openlab nft collab
Musician Kate Simko and artist Ellie Pritts collaborated for the OpenLab drop

Classically trained cellist Ellie Pritts creates richly saturated, psychedelic works of art that mesmerize her viewers. To explain, his digital practice is an entangled collaboration with AI, old school analog technology and the latest coding techniques.

Then she collaborated with Kate Simko, classical pianist and composer as well as DJ and producer of electronic music. Originally from Chicago but now based in London, Kate founded LEO – the London Electronic Orchestra. LEO is an all-female fusion of classical and electronic music. Meanwhile, Kate also teaches electronic music at the Royal College of Music. Despite this, she still found time to collaborate on electronic music productions with top producers in the industry Seth Troxler and Jamie Jones.

The second drop features Japanese digital artist Saeko Ehara: Queen of All That Glitters. Bringing her fascination with glitter to digital art, her practice spans NFTs and generative video. As a VJ, his incredible immersive installations respond in real time to the music that accompanies them. In tune with sound, Saeko generates enchanting organic patterns that create a euphoric experience. As a result, his NFTs are known for their intense detail and whimsical feel.

Saeko worked with Xiaolin (Olivia Xiaolin) – a producer, sound explorer, DJ and instrumentalist from Hong Kong. Xiaolin has an impressive sound spectrum that includes jazz fusion, acid house, dreamy synths and organic breaks. Additionally, she completed a dual master’s degree in jazz and music technology at Berklee College of Music.

About the OpenLab Future Pass

NFT Membership acts as your gateway to the web3 world of OpenLab music and art. Including:

  • 1/300 NFT Editions from some of the most cutting-edge contemporary artists will be released to your wallet with every release of the Future Pass NFT Collection – every quarter starting in September!
  • Early access to rare NFT collectibles featuring cutting-edge artist pairings including Kate Somko x Ellie Pritts, Saeko Ehara x Xiaolin!
  • VIP entry to OpenLab and partner music and arts events in Ibiza (including intimate sessions at OpenLab Hangar 8289), London and other destinations!
  • Exclusive access to Future Pass repository only – including DJ mixes, live streams, videos and editorial content.
openlab future pass
OpenLab future pass gives holders access to exclusive drops

Learn more about the OpenLab Future Pass to unlock many more benefits in the future. Also, follow OpenLab on Twitter, instagram and facebook too. Then be sure to check out the TokenTraxx website to learn more about the collection. Then check out their social media channels, including: Twitter and Instagram.

You want to buy one, you don’t know how to do it? Check out our guide on how to buy an NFT.

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