Directorate of consumer rights protection to set prices for rechargeable electrical appliances


The National Consumer Rights Protection Directorate will also continue its campaigns against those who raise prices through syndication.

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July 25, 2022, 10:30 p.m.

Last modification: July 25, 2022, 10:56 p.m.

Image used for representational purposes. Photo: Pixabay


Image used for representational purposes. Photo: Pixabay

The National Directorate for the Protection of Consumer Rights (DNCRP) will set the prices of all rechargeable electrical devices in consultation with merchants to avoid price increases for these devices due to load shedding.

Management will also continue its campaigns against those raising prices through syndication, DNCRP Director General AHM Shafiquzzaman said Monday during an emergency exchange meeting with businessmen at TCB. Bhaban at Karwan Bazaar in the capital.

After the Prime Minister announced scheduled power shedding last Monday, unscrupulous traders raised the prices of fans, lamps and other rechargeable devices.

Addressing the businessmen at the meeting, AHM Shafiquzzaman said, “Within three hours of the Prime Minister’s announcement on load shedding, the price of rechargeable fans jumped by Tk 500 taka and the price of lamps rechargeable increased by 300 Tk.

“My question to the traders is: did they import the products from China as soon as the Prime Minister announced the load shedding? Did your letter of credit jump within three hours?

He said that while conducting campaigns, they found that all the shops in Nawabpur, Old Dhaka had raised the price of rechargeable devices.

“We have seen rechargeable ventilators priced at 2,000 Tk in the morning being sold at 2,500 Tk in the afternoon and 3,500 Tk at night. This means traders have been increasing the price hour by hour,” said AHM Shafiquzzaman.

He also said, “Tomorrow morning we will sit down with importers of plug-in electric products in Nawabpur and determine prices after reviewing their import costs. We want traders to control prices. Otherwise, we will run more difficult campaigns.

Bangladesh Electricity Association Chairman Khandaker Ruhul Ameen said, “The Prime Minister’s announcement of load shedding has increased the demand for plug-in products. We have heard that some unscrupulous traders have raised prices sharply on this occasion, which we do not approve of.

He also said, “We have already announced to all electronics traders in Nawabpur to keep prices at a tolerable level. coming.”

“Nevertheless, we want the DNCRP to set prices by consulting traders,” he added.

Rafiqul Islam, Executive Director of Walton (Head of Legal Department) said, “We do not have the option of charging more than the price stated on the packaging of our products. We have already informed our resellers, sub-resellers and retailers in this regard.


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