Catalogic DPX 4.8.1 strengthens ransomware protection for customers


Catalogic Software has released the latest version of Catalogic DPX, the company’s enterprise data protection software.

DPX 4.8.1 introduces GuardMode, a feature enabling early detection of ransomware and DPX vPlus, cloud data protection for Microsoft 365 and other open virtualization platforms.

“Cybercriminals are constantly innovating, which cost US victims $49.2 million in losses from ransomware attacks last year alone – and that’s based on incidents reported to the FBI alone,” said Krista Macomber, Principal Analyst, Evaluator Group. “Catalogic DPX’s new GuardMode feature can help organizations minimize business disruption, including financial loss, when impacted by ransomware. For example, proactively monitoring a list of over 4,000 known ransomware patterns that is automatically updated helps mitigate the spread of ransomware, and the ability to restore only affected data helps retain the right data that could be interspersed with infected files. ”

DPX GuardMode complements endpoint and edge protection, monitoring file shares and file system behavior, even over the network, instead of relying on a specific binary fingerprint. GuardMode maintains and regularly updates over 4000 known ransomware threat models and assesses affected files. This extensive forensic protection layer is backed by honeypots as a deception layer to catch the ever-changing types of ransomware strains. GuardMode increases confidence in ransomware detection while identifying and enabling recovery of only affected data.

“DPX GuardMode takes the cyber addiction posture of rescue teams from reactive to proactive with early detection,” said Sathya Sankaran, COO, Catalogic Software. “DPX GuardMode notifies backup and storage teams of suspicious activity and identifies the extent of damage caused by cyber incidents. Combined with DPX’s comprehensive workload coverage and instant recoveries, Catalogic DPX customers will be among the best prepared to recover from a cyberattack.

With DPX vPlus, Catalogic provides data protection for Microsoft 365 and other open virtualization platforms such as RHV/oVirt, Acropolis, XenServer, Oracle VM and KVM.

“We are excited to extend our relationship with Storware and announce DPX vPlus, which adds Microsoft 365 cloud data protection and expands our coverage of hypervisor workloads,” said Ken Barth, CEO of Catalogic Software. “DPX vPlus is fully integrated with the DPX vStor backup repository, and it provides greater workload coverage for an organization’s edge and cloud data.


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