Crane Valley Hotshot Crew Inserted Along Goodpaster River Yesterday for Middle Tanana Complex Structure Protection – Alaska Wildfire Information


Off-road residents and recreational cabins in the Middle Salcha River and Upper Salcha River areas are in SET status. The lower Salcha River remains in READY status. When the evacuation status changes, we will work with emergency management personnel to make these announcements.

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To the southwest of the Yukon Creek fire, in the lower corridor of the Salcha River, smoke screens continued to protect the structure of cabins and buildings. The Marshall Mountain and Porcupine Creek fires have seen some growth, but remain under watch.

The Gold Hub fire continued to burn near the Pogo mine road. Fire managers met with mine personnel to develop a road and power line protection plan to minimize impacts to mine operations. The safe passage of mine workers remains a priority for fire management personnel. The Gilles Creek fire has established itself in two watersheds to the west and is showing growth.

In the lower corridor of the Goodpaster River, an elite team was inserted by boat to begin structural protection around cabins and buildings near the South Fork fire. By the end of the day, they expect to have completed protective measures for about half of the structures in the area. They will continue to work on it for the next few days to complete the mission.

The Central Creek, Central Creek Airstrip and California Creek fires in the Upper Goodpaster River Corridor are under watch. Previously, crews had installed pipes and pumps around structures near the airstrip. Firefighters come to check them periodically to make sure the pumps are working when needed.

Smoke from the Central Creek Fire, taken July 7, 2022. This fire is part of the Middle Tanana Complex.

Fire managers continue to address communications and transportation challenges to safely engage firefighters in the field. Temporary flight restrictions are in place over the Gold Hub Fire. Flight restrictions apply to all aircraft, including drones. If you steal, we can’t!


Relative humidity is expected to be in the upper 20s today with temperatures in the 70s. These weather conditions are considered critical burning conditions. Winds are expected to remain light and variable. A red flag warning is still in effect due to the potential for thunderstorms to develop.

Behavior of fire

The Yukon Creek, Gold Hub, Central Creek and South Fork fires became active yesterday afternoon and are expected to do the same today. The weather conditions created fuel and terrain fueled growth primarily on the fire perimeters. The fires flanked and retreated until they lined up with the topography for short climbs. Some short-range spots continue to occur and allow fire to move to where combustibles are receptive to burning.


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Image of the fire map of the middle Tanana complex.  It has nine fires framed in red, with evacuation statuses along the Middle Salcha River highlighted in green and yellow.
Middle Tanana Complex Fire Map – July 8, 2022
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