Child Protection Center Receives Funding for Prevention Education in Sarasota Schools


The coast of the gift

The Child Protection Center (CPC) received $10,000 from the William and Harriet Sturdevant Memorial Charitable Trust for their continued support of our Personal Safety and Community Outreach (PSCA) program. Statistically, 1 in 3 kids online will be contacted by someone they don’t know, which in turn creates an opening for dangerous conversations and behavior. “Teaching children internet safety skills is essential for their growth and development, and for ensuring they know what to do if they encounter something that makes them feel uncomfortable online. ” says Michelle McSwain, director of programs for the PSCA. “The internet has opened up a whole new arena for perpetrators, and it’s our job to educate our community on how to spot red flags and feel equipped to tackle the problem head-on.” According to THORN’s latest online grooming study, teens share that they view online connections with people they don’t know as some of their closest friends. “This abuse prevention education is an essential part of the services we provide at the Child Protection Center,” says Doug Staley, Executive Director of the Child Protection Center. “Without prevention, we act like a hamster spinning on a wheel. Specifically, PSCA is working hard to address online safety issues for children in Sarasota County. With the help and support of the William and Harriet Sturdevant Memorial Charitable Trust, PSCA will be able to continue to provide internet safety courses to protect children at risk of abuse. The mission of the Child Protection Center is the prevention, intervention and treatment of child abuse, as the organization envisions a community where children are safe from abuse and free to thrive. For more than 40 years, CPC has served Sarasota and DeSoto counties in the State of Florida and is accredited by the National Children’s Alliance. For more information about CPC or to book a personal safety workshop, visit or call 941-365-1277.


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