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KIRKLAND, Wash., July 01. 07, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Alaska Structures, Inc. (Alaska) is pleased to announce that, following the recent significant expansion of its product lines and its successful consolidation with WeatherPort Shelter Systems, the company is implementing a strategic rebranding and restructuring program that reflects its continued growth and expanded product offering. Effective July 1, 2022, Alaska will be renamed “AKS Industries, Inc.” and will serve as the parent company holding all of its existing product lines under three new corporate divisions: Alaska Defense™, Alaska Structures®and BLU-MED response systems®.

The timing of the rebranding and restructuring program coincides with the expansion of Alaska Defense’s hardshell container product lines, as well as a significant milestone in the company’s history. Alaska is known for providing the most popular and widely used soft-sided shelter systems in the world, with over 65,000 shelter systems successfully deployed in over 85 countries. Today, with nearly 400,000 square feet of manufacturing space in the United States, AKS Industries™ has become the most efficient and largest manufacturer of its kind. In addition to manufacturing the highest quality fabric buildings manufactured anywhere in the world, AKS Industries now has the in-house capability to manufacture heavy-duty cargo trailers, expeditionary light towers, and modular container systems.

“This is an exciting development for AKS Industries and our customers. We now offer the option of soft-wall and hard-wall construction solutions. Bringing this capability in-house allows us to expand our offerings of products and create containerized buildings that offer the same rugged durability our customers expect, but also seamless integration with our well-known plug-and-play capabilities,” said COO Gerrit Boyle.

Under the new structure, the three business divisions will be:

Defense of Alaska™ – Formerly Alaska’s Military Structures Division, Alaska Defense will continue to focus on providing rapidly deployable military shelter systems and military base camps while expanding its new lines of containerized facilities, including containerized shower/latrine systems to support military base camps. Alaska Defense will continue to support rapid force expansion and enhance mission readiness with energy-efficient, scalable solutions that provide unparalleled configurability and strike capability for expeditionary or enduring deployments anywhere in the world.

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Alaska Structures® — Formerly the Alaska Commercial Division, the Alaska Structures Division of AKS Industries™ will continue to manufacture commercial fabric buildings and outpost camp systems used by mining, construction, oil and gas, and manufacturing companies around the world. around the world, while expanding its consumer and entertainment-focused WeatherPort.® production lines. Alaska Structures engineered fabric buildings meet area-specific wind and snow loads for added safety, dramatically reduce construction schedules, are easily moved, and provide long-lasting durability in extremely hot, humid climates and cold.

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BLU-MED response systems® (BLU-MED®) — BLU-MED® will continue as the mobile medical facilities division of AKS Industries to provide government agencies (at all levels), response organizations and first responders with mobile medical facilities and field hospitals to respond quickly to medical emergencies, disasters, peak events in hospitals, epidemics (such as Ebola, COVID-19, influenza, etc.) and global conflicts “…when and where necessary”. ®

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