Choose the Best GPS Phone Tracking App for AndroidThe 5 Best GPS Tracking Apps for Android


Nowadays, smartphones have a built-in GPS function. You can use it to find your way in unfamiliar places. But sometimes you would also need to follow someone’s locations. For example, tracking your children when they are at school. So, worried parents are often curious to find the best GPS tracker for Android.

Why a GPS Tracker on Someone Else’s Phone Can Be Essential

As malicious as it sounds, GPS trackers are important for tracking the valuable people in your life. But we would never agree to use GPS trackers for harassment. And so, here are some key reasons why you need a GPS tracker.

  • Track your husband or wife because they come home late and act suspicious.
  • GPS tracking is great for youngsters, so you can find them quickly if they get lost.
  • You can also track your teens as they can easily fall into the wrong group.
  • Elderly family members can get lost and you can find them quickly with GPS trackers.
  • Someone you know just got out of rehab and you may need to know their location from time to time.

In all these scenarios, it is essential that you use the best GPS phone tracker app for Android to find the location of the phone number remotely. Watch over and protect your loved ones from harm and sometimes from themselves.

Top 5 Apps For GPS Tracking

We have done extensive research on GPS tracking apps. Out of the many spy apps (with positive reviews), we picked these five perfect ones. Let’s check out the top five Android tracking apps.

1. Locate.Mobi

Localize.Mobi is our top pick of the bunch. It is easy to install and also easy to use on Android. First of all, it is a great GPS tracking app that you can use to track every movement of your loved ones. And on top of that, you can also monitor who they talk to, what content they consume, how they use social media, and even every keystroke they make.


  • Quickly check the location of people on a detailed map
  • View route history over a particular time range
  • Take a look at the demo before making a purchase

2. eyeZy

eyeZy offers the state-of-the-art ”pinpoint” mechanism which includes GPS tracking for Android phone. It will find and predict the next location of your child or husband. Moreover, it can also tell you what Wi-Fi network they are using.


  • Accurate location solution
  • magic alert feature that will instantly notify you that someone is out of bounds
  • Screen recording feature to keep an eye on their searches and media


This Android GPS tracker also does all the standard things you’d expect from a GPS tracking app. Its best feature is to see the entry and exit times of a particular location.


  • Contacts, pictures and SIM card change tracking
  • Simple three-step start
  • No jailbreak needed

4. Life360

With Life360, you can create circles with your family members and friends. Not only can you track each other, but you can also send instant SOS signals in an emergency to everyone in the circle. This is why this application is particularly popular with women.


  • Create private circle groups
  • Warn people using the recording option
  • Create custom zones for favorite zones

5. FlexiSPY

FlexiSPY is one of the best known GPS tracking apps. Not only can you track your loved ones with it, but you can also monitor their PC, Mac, communications and much more. Although it’s not as feature-rich as Localize.Mobi, it does the job.


  • 150 small and large features for an Android application
  • Listening to live calls is an exclusive feature
  • Track anyone invisibly or visibly


I hope you will make the right choice among the five best GPS trackers for Android and find the one that will meet all your desired requirements. Localize.Mobi is our top pick with the best value for money and multiple features.


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