GPS tracking company SenseNxt announces 50% off its best models


April 14: Words are not enough to describe the life of a soldier. The sacrifices they and their families make are not for the faint of heart. The war situation between Russia and Ukraine is appalling enough to raise fears that nightmares of war could turn into reality at any moment. And it takes a ton of courage to show up to protect your country.

Based in Patna, Bihar, SenseNxt is an 8 (eight) year old brand that provides GPS tracking services. They have announced a flat 50% discount on their top models, DGr7 and DGt1, for all defense personnel and their family members. The price of DGr7 is ₹35,000/- and DGt1 is ₹10,800/- now. Considering the offer, the price boils down to an amazing discounted price of ₹17,500/- and ₹5,400/- respectively. Not only that, but they also offer deep discounts on their other products for defense personnel and their families.

SenseNxt is owned and operated by “Deo Biz & Services Pvt Ltd.” which is a 12-year-old business providing marketing and operations consulting. They have a huge customer base of over 1,000 companies, start-ups, and individuals.

Whether you are concerned about your vehicles, other movable property, or as a parent you care about your children, or you are a soldier’s family member who is there to protect the country, SenseNxt has you covered. You cannot be present in different places at the same time. Although you can deal with a lot of things, some things require more attention than others. It is not realistic to keep an eye on your children, to follow your heritage all by yourself at all times, but at the same time it is necessary. Having a SenseNxt GPS tracking device on board can be a huge relief. You can easily know whether your children are at home, at school or playing outside. You can easily monitor the movement of your vehicle. The SenseNxt GPS tracking device with its 24×7 support gives you the power to track all your assets anytime and anywhere.

Asking their founder the reason for this offer, Mr. Pratik Deo said, “Having studied at Sainik school and knowing so many of my classmates who are in the defense services, I also had immense respect for them and their families. I always wanted to do something meaningful for them. There have been so many who have made the ultimate sacrifice to keep our country safe. It’s the least we can do for them right now. It’s to let them know that we can try to understand what they’re sacrificing for us, and it’s a little token of appreciation for them.

Not to mention that while most brands make their job easier by using AI-related tools for customer support, SenseNxt provides a human support system. Their support team is available 24×7 on WhatsApp. They also promise a 24×7 callback if the situation calls for it.

Ambika Deo, who leads finance and administration at SenseNxt and is a director of Deo Biz & Services Pvt Ltd., says, “We have served over 1,500 customers under SenseNxt and despite our high prices, we are the first choice of our customers because of our services & our human approach. Our customer retention rate of over 80% is a testament to our efforts to provide the best possible services to our customers. The feedback we receive from most of our clients indicates that they truly find our services worth the price they pay. Our first group of customers is still our customers till date.

According to SenseNxt, they have helped many of their customers recover their stolen vehicles. To date, over 75 stolen vehicles have been recovered by SenseNxt. They also helped recover many misplaced vehicles. On average, SenseNxt helps recover 2-3 misplaced vehicles each month.

One of the main reasons for SenseNxt’s success is that its customers trust it. For 8 years, SenseNxt has been providing services like no one else on the market. This assures customers that they are with the right brand. Winning the market by gaining customer trust is what many brands fail to achieve. With this current offering, they hope to provide some peace of mind to our military personnel while protecting us and our earth from all types of hazards.


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