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GPS geolocation solutions for individuals and businesses

Brickhouse Security has been a leading provider of GPS and telematics solutions since 2005 and has tracked over 500,000 assets in its nearly 20 years in business. They carry high quality GPS devices and are the standard for the top rated GPS trackers on the market today.

Parents no longer have to worry about their young driver’s first car ride, as they can quickly check their location via their phone. Moreover, the Spark Nano 7 GPS tracking device has a panic button that easily allows its users to send an alert in case of emergency or any unexpected situation.

In addition to providing peace of mind to individuals, Brickhouse’s fleet tracking platform has helped companies save millions of dollars in operational inefficiencies by improving accuracy and providing real-time information about fleet assets. the company. Brickhouse Security’s telematics solutions allow its users to track a company’s fleet of expensive vehicles or assets for easy monitoring.

Precise location, geofences, and speed alert features have been used by countless businesses to increase security, improve efficiency, and provide asset protection against theft.

Brickhouse Security’s flagship product, the Spark Nano 7 GPS, has full coverage across North America. Their optional magnetic case provides enhanced protection for their GPS unit and includes industrial-size magnets that protect the tracker in even the toughest conditions.

The Brickhouse Locate GPS smartphone app is compatible with Android phones and iPhones, allowing real-time monitoring from anywhere.

Other top-rated top-selling GPS trackers include the 140-Day Magnetic GPS Tracker and the Livewire Volt, which attaches directly to the car battery so your device never runs out of power.

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Brickhouse Security has been a leading provider of security and surveillance solutions for customers and businesses of all sizes since 2005.

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