Adopt Jakim’s guidelines for all local AV content licensing, PAS tells Putrajaya after ‘scorching’ love scene from unaired show streams


“This situation is partly driven by the TV channel, producer, screenwriter and director who are solely based on current market trends by portraying elements of violence, superstitions, scandals and excessive love without refer to the limits of Islamic code, Malay customs and Malaysian culture,” he said in a statement on his Facebook page today.

NOT Dewan Ulama pointed out that a work of art should consider fiqh or Islamic jurisprudence, which is relevant to the text, role and location of the drama or film.

He added that these must be adapted to the limits of syarak (Islamic code), Malay custom and Malaysian culture as befitting a Muslim majority nation.

“To achieve this, PAS Dewan Ulama urges the Ministry of Communications and Multimedia to adopt the Guidelines on Censorship of Islamic Broadcast Media Content provided by Jakim as part of the License Conditions for Television and Radio Stations , producers of films, dramas, commercials and audio-visual materials as well as all those in the broadcasting industry, especially those relating to Islamic values.

“PAS Dewan Ulama also suggests that the ministry apply the Jakim guideline as the primary reference for all agencies under its jurisdiction charged with enforcing media content controls, to ensure that the content of broadcast content does not deviate from the teachings Islamic Sunna wal-Jamaah, Malaysian customs and culture,” he added.

The party’s influential Islamic scholars wing has expressed disappointment over the viral music video, which is believed to be a snippet from the pilot episode of a local drama titled Perempuan Itu (That Girl) with Malaysian actors Zul Ariffin and Siti Hariesa.

The Ulama wing said it noted that the show was to air during the fasting month of Ramadan which begins in April.

Many Muslims consider Ramadan to be a holy month.

Communications and Multimedia Minister Tan Sri Annuar Musa yesterday said the government had allowed TV stations to control censorship, but warned action would be taken if they violated established guidelines.


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