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London-based audiovisual artist Howe has released his new EP, ‘Forever’ via higglers.

The EP includes the singles “Rain” – an electronically saturated ode to Destiny Child’s – and his recent audiovisual “A YELLOW FLOWER”. There are also two unreleased singles: ‘CRYSTAL DAGGER’ and ‘FOREVER’.

The videos for ‘FOREVER’ dropped alongside the release of the EP, directed and edited by Howe.

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About his latest creation, Howe explains: “It is an exploration of modern day loneliness, blue light illuminating the faces of despondent floating heads as they stare into space. Aged digital avatars catch their eye and look as if looking back from an imaginary digital future.

The decision to release ‘Forever’ via higglers is also remarkable. A label that explores sound space, sound design and pushes the boundaries of conventional dance and electronic music cultures, higglers gives each artist complete artistic freedom to explore and present their art as they wish.

“We see the exploration of club music as much in the sound design as in the rolling polyrhythmic elements of the dance floor,” explain label heads Jay Heston and Kai Doggett.

“We believe that using these driving sound factors as focal points will allow us to explore and express this project – higglers – to always bring new, stimulating and inspiring music to the spaces in which we operate.

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Howe’s release exemplifies the creative exploration Higglers provides, which led him to create the “Forever” EP to reflect his love of film, visual arts and music.

2020 saw the release of his debut EP, “Fallen”, and after that he curated several large-scale interactive audio-visual art installations for music festivals and galleries. He has also composed scores for various other installations and videos.

Howe’s latest EP, “Forever”, is out now – check it out here.

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