Racist comments after consolidation talks shut down Pennsylvania fire company


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TaRhonda Thomas, WPVI-TV:

Briarcliffe Fire Company Station 75 is silent. No fire trucks and firefighters moving inside or outside.

It comes after the fire company was temporarily closed following allegations of racial slurs from firefighters who thought their video call conversation was private.

The initial call was to discuss the consolidation of services between the Briarcliffe, Goodwill and Darby fire companies.

When county and state officials hung up, members of the Briarcliffe Fire Company reportedly stayed and engaged in a discussion that included racial slurs and derogatory remarks about African Americans in the area.

“A bunch of f—ing n—out there,” a man can be heard saying while discussing Darby Township’s all-black fire company. There were also comments about the leader of Darby.

“It’s just a piece of crap,” one person said.

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Pete Bannan, delcotimes.com:

The letter was read at the commissioners’ meeting on Wednesday evening. He says that following a virtual meeting held on January 27, the Briarcliffe station did not disconnect from the link and over the next hour and 45 minutes, members of the station could be heard, but not seen making racist, insensitive and derogatory comments towards black firefighters. from other stations as well as black residents and mocking the name of Fanta Bility, the 8-year-old child shot dead by police at Academy Park High School last fall.

Among the comments were racist terms referring to the number of active members at Darby Township Station 4, mention of arson at homes, and mentions of assaults on other firefighters.

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