Coming Soon AV Technology Inside Crew Cabin Of Local Trains In Mumbai, CCTV Cameras Outside | Bombay News

MUMBAI: Taking inspiration from the black box technology of the aviation industry, Indian Railways decided to install an audio visual recording system inside driver and guard cabins and CCTV cameras outside of commuter trains to aid in investigations into the cause of accidents as well as for the assessment of crew performance.
In the 2022-23 budget, the Ministry of Railways sanctioned around Rs 2.5 crore for the installation of audio visual technology in the 226 suburban rakes of Central Railway (CR) and Western Railway (WR).

In the Mumbai area, WR has already installed the technology in 25 of its locomotives. “We will be able to complete the installation in the 113 rakes by December,” said Sumit Thakur, WR’s public relations manager. His CR counterpart, Shivaji Sutar said, “Three rakes have already had the audio-video recording system so far. The technology will be installed in the remaining rakes in phases. “CR has 165 suburban rakes.
CCTV cameras will use traction technology to withstand shock and vibration as trains travel at 80,100 km/h on the suburban section, sources said. The presence of cameras will deter unauthorized railway workers from entering the driver’s or guard’s cabin. “Additionally, crew will be discouraged from using their phones while on duty as all events inside the cabin will be recorded,” a senior officer said.
CCTV cameras installed at the front of the train will help determine the cause of accidents, including those related to track trespassing, and aid in investigations against phatka gangs that target passengers on the running boards of moving trains. Voice and image recordings will be kept in the system for a specific period of time in case an inquiry is ordered to investigate untoward incidents, sources said.


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