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Salesforce is the world’s leading customer relationship management (CRM) solution, providing the best apps for sales force automation, customer relationship management, marketing automation, and sales compensation. The integrated platform brings marketing, sales, commerce, service, and IT teams together, making the data residing in Salesforce mission-critical for efficient business operations and exceptional customer experiences.

The Delphix Data Platform combines programmable data infrastructure with data security, so businesses can further leverage and unlock the strategic value of Salesforce data.

Data Compliance for Salesforce App Development
Application development teams create Salesforce sandboxes for development, testing, and user acceptance. However, with privacy regulations such as GDPR and CCPA, companies can no longer use personally identifiable information in these lower level environments. Failure of a compliance audit can result in disruptions to business operations as well as fines. For example, the CCPA imposes fines of $2,500 per data breach on California residents (1,000 CA residents x $2.5,000 = $2.5M), and the GDPR, which applies to citizens of the EU, imposes fines of up to 4% of income. Manual masking processes and in-house developed scripts are slow and error-prone, and cannot keep pace with ever-changing privacy regulations. Personally identifiable information can easily leak in test environments, compromising security and compliance. Delphix automatically identifies and masks sensitive information before loading data into Salesforce sandboxes, eliminating compliance risks. Consistent masking across different tables and databases maintains referential integrity to ensure accurate and complete testing in embedded environments.

Improve production resiliency with automated backup and restore
Delphix offers a complete backup and recovery solution with manual or automated scheduling. Quick access to a continuous history of Salesforce data changes helps minimize business impact when production issues arise. Application teams can quickly deliver test environments and then time-travel data for faster root cause analysis and recovery from development or customization errors. Space-saving virtual clones also reduce storage requirements for data archiving.

Multi-cloud integrated testing with Salesforce
Salesforce is mission critical and deeply integrated with other systems and databases which can include relational databases, NoSQL, mainframe or even cloud PaaS databases. Given the size and scope of an enterprise application stack, it can be difficult to properly test the transactions that traverse these interconnected systems. ensure the production[1]providing quality data for integration testing can take weeks or even months. Delphix efficiently provisions and synchronizes data sources across a multi-cloud landscape, or from on-premises data centers to the cloud. Delphix APIs automatically store, mask, and provision Salesforce data for complex environments for systems integration testing (SIT) or user acceptance testing (UAT). This coordination is also reflected in data masking rules, where referential integrity is preserved across these various datasets so that complete test cases and transactions can be fully validated while remaining secure. The combination of these advanced API-driven features dramatically speeds up application releases where Salesforce data needs to be integrated.

Analytics and AI/ML for Salesforce
Data in Salesforce is an essential component for business intelligence and for AI/ML training and modeling. Delphix automates data access to both full production data and anonymized data using Delphix masking algorithms. Data analysts and scientists can easily and securely access data in Salesforce to facilitate critical analytics to increase sales, improve customer satisfaction, and reduce churn.


Delphix is ​​the industry leader in programmable data infrastructures. Delphix automates the biggest constraint of digital transformation programs: data. With our multi-cloud data platform, state and local government agencies can modernize legacy applications 20% faster, migrate to the cloud 30% faster, and release software 50% faster, all while maintaining compliance with GDPR, CCPA, HIPAA, etc.

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