Clifton Mining Company (OTCMKTS:CFTN) Stock Consolidation: What You Need to Know


The mining sector has been one of the most important sectors for as long as can be remembered and even today it remains one of the most popular sectors among investors. There are plenty of options for investors who might be looking for stocks in the mining sector and this morning it might be a good idea to consider taking a closer look at Clifton Mining Company (OTCMKTS:CFTN) .

It is a natural resources company involved in the acquisition, exploration and eventual development of mineral properties. Currently, Clifton Mining is primarily involved in the production of gold, lead and silver in its joint venture located on the border of Utah and Nevada.

However, in order to better understand a company, it is also important for investors to consider taking a look at recent developments regarding Clifton Mining.

January 2022 Update

Earlier in the month, on January 11, the company provided an update regarding the fact that it had received the report from Desert Hawk Gold Corp which was completed in November last year. In the aforementioned report, it was revealed that Desert Hawk managed to sell up to 15229 tons of iron, 158 ounces of gold, 4494 ounces of recoverable gold and 163 ounces of silver.

It was a major announcement from the company and must have been noticed by investors as well. It should be noted that Desert Hawk also submitted a request to expand the project and it was in progress at the time.

4th quarter report

In this context, it is perhaps also necessary to mention that on November 23, 2021, Clifton Mining had received a report from Desert Hawk Gold Corp for the September performance. It also turned out to be a pretty solid performance. In light of these developments, now may be the time for investors to start paying more attention to Clifton Mining stock if they are interested in the mining sector at this stage.


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