American who bought Lamborghini with payroll protection program resources could face 132 years in prison – CVBJ


A citizen has abused the resources of the Payroll Protection Program and if found guilty he will spend many years in jail.

Photo: Broderick Armbrister / Pexels

Valesky Barosy is the name of the American who thought that it would be very easy to get around the law and use the resources of the payroll protection program to live a millionaire life.

The 27-year-old will have to appear for trial after using public funds to give himself the life of a tycoon, El Universal said.

Barosy used a loan from the Pandemic Entrepreneurs Payroll Protection Program to purchase luxury items including Rolex and Hublot watches, Louis Vuitton, Gucci and Chanel clothing. and even a luxury Lamborghini sports car.

The accused was discovered the crime and had to appear in Florida court which holds him responsible on several fraud charges, the prosecution reported.

The offender used the Payroll Protection Program loan for unnecessary luxuries and is now facing five counts of electronic fraud, three counts of money laundering and one for aggravated identity theft, according to a statement from the South Florida attorney’s office.

The US citizen thought it would be easy to get around the law and submitted fraudulent loan applications on his own behalf and on behalf of his accomplices, get over $ 2.1 million in government loans, which were originally intended to come to the aid of businessmen affected by the coronavirus pandemic.

“In every loan application, Barosy falsified the previous year’s expenses, the applicant’s net income and payroll, and submitted fraudulent tax forms to the Internal Revenue Service,” the attorney general’s office said. .

The tax authorities have revealed that Barosy used the money to buy luxury items with funds intended for very different purposes.

If convicted, Barosy risk 132 years in prison.

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