Amnesty International calls for protection of the electoral process in Libya


Amnesty International’s Deputy Regional Director for the Middle East and North Africa, Diana Eltahawy, said that creating an electoral environment in Libya free from violence and intimidation; is almost impossible, given the impunity of armed groups and their incorporation into state institutions without any dismissal of those responsible for crimes under international law.

Eltahawy believed that the government and the armed forces should alert all affiliated armed groups to stop harassing election officials, judges and security personnel, in addition to releasing all those arrested for expressing their views during the elections. elections.

She listed a number of facts that she said posed a threat to the electoral process, including the looting of at least four offices of the National High Electoral Commission and the looting of their voting cards, in addition to the headquarters of the National Electoral Commission. Sabha court and the arrest of at least 21 protesters, journalists and activists in several cities, including Tripoli, Benghazi, Misrata and Ajdabiya.

Eltahawy stressed the need for all officials to ensure that all candidates, voters, activists and politicians are protected from violence, threats and arbitrary detention, noting that women must be protected from sexual assault and that civil society actors are allowed to express their opinions and participate in the electoral process without fear of revenge.

She added that the Libyan authorities should use the postponed elections as an opportunity to break the cycle of impunity and ensure that those suspected of crimes under international law are excluded from jobs that would allow them to commit further abuses, obstruct investigations or grant them immunity. .


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