Pflugerville ISD begins rollout of GPS tracking app for buses


Pflugerville ISD says parents are now able to track their students’ bus routes in real time with a new district-approved GPS tracking app.

The Stopfinder app is currently being used by 15 PfISD schools, with officials hoping to roll it out to all 21 elementary schools in the district before the start of winter vacation Dec. 20.

The rollout would continue into January for the rest of the schools in the district.

District Transportation Executive Director Michael Brassfield said the app uses GPS tracking available on each of PfISD’s 191 buses, allowing Transportation to view bus locations in real time. From now on, parents have access to it via Stopfinder.

“We recognize that parents are concerned about the safety of their children while at school,” Brassfield said. “As well as improving the efficiency of our bus operations, this app will help ease the stress on our parents. It’s a service we are pleased to be able to offer.”

Transport officials urge parents to download the app, so they can see their child’s particular bus on its route. According to the Stopfinder app, parents can control who sees their student’s assigned bus for their child’s safety.

The app provides alerts to let users know when buses have arrived or left certain locations. The app can also track mileage, route efficiency and gives Transportation quicker access to daily inspection data at 121 points.
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