Harris County MPs Deploy GPS Tracking Packages to Catch ‘Porch Hackers’



According to a recent Safewise survey, approximately 64% of Americans have had a package stolen in the past 12 months.

For the second year now, Harris County Sheriff’s Deputies are trying to stop these thieves with a new tool.

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“It’s a great way to be proactive,” said HCSO deputy investigator Javier Urena. “[We’re] trying to go over there and catch them. “

Members of Parliament use shipping boxes that look legitimate and fill them with GPS tracking devices. According to Urena, they have several boxes scattered around Harris County on specific days that could follow the thieves. If a porch hacker takes an HCSO box left outside a house, they will be tracked and captured by law enforcement officers waiting nearby.

“They automatically start to notify me [if they’re picked up]”Urena said.” If anyone touches a package, it will sound the alarm. We will start to continue. “

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On Thursday, FOX 26 exclusively joined HCSO MPs as they deployed several fake packages. Urena says they picked an area on Thursday that was recently targeted by porch hackers.

“Unfortunately, we weren’t there to be able to stop the flight,” Urena said. “We’re coming up behind to try to do something about it.”

Doorbell videos are frequently shared publicly of thieves stealing packages left outside homes. According to Safewise, the most targeted packages this year were shipped by Amazon.

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No porch hackers were captured on Thursday when we reported to the Harris County Sheriff’s Office. However, MPs say they will continue their prevention efforts over the coming weeks.

“It’s a good revelation for [porch pirates]”Urena said.” Think twice, before you pick up a package, because they don’t know if we’re around the corner. “



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