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The ministry reveals new beneficiaries of the social protection project

[25-11-2021 12:53 PM]

Ammon news – The Ministry of Social Development unveiled on Thursday the new batch of beneficiaries qualified to participate in a project to strengthen civil society actors in the field of social inclusion.

Funded by the European Union and implemented by the organization Expertise France, the project aims to improve local and national access to social services by enhancing the role of civil society actors in social protection, despite current challenges.

In remarks at the revealing ceremony on Thursday, Ministry Secretary General Barq Dmour said work will be carried out to support civil society actors by ensuring that they participate more actively in achieving social protection, in partnership with the competent authorities.

“Representing the northern, central and southern regions; Jerash, Amman and Karak have been selected for the implementation of the social protection strengthening program, ”he added, expressing the hope that qualified beneficiaries will play a role in the development of social policies. national, strengthening private participatory approach and turning the wheel of the economy.


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