Sony patents a multi-GPU system designed to improve cloud gaming performance


A recent Sony patent suggests using a multi-GPU system to better deliver the visual performance of cloud gaming platforms.

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A new patent from sony shed light on what the hardware developer could be working on to improve cloud gaming and streaming services in the future. Specifically, this latest Sony patent aims to improve the graphics capabilities of cloud gaming services in order to bring a higher quality product through this specific online medium.

The patent implications could extend to Sony’s PlayStation Now service, as that system often includes the ability to stream games to the PS4 and PS5, especially for older games from previous console generations. However, there’s no direct evidence from the patent that this new technology is specifically for the current version of the PlayStation Now service, or if it could be for an unannounced system in the future.


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Much of the express language in the patent itself is extremely technical, but the simplified terms fall to Sony finding a solution to the many difficulties of having multiple GPUs on cloud computing data. The major problem stems from distributing the workload evenly across multiple GPUs at once to ensure that they all complete the process they are being asked to compute at the same time. Without the solution shown in the patent, this could lead to GPU downtime and wasted time while they wait for the next prompt, sometimes resulting in the lag some gamers are reporting with services like PlayStation Now.

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According to the claims listed in the patent, this new technology appears to focus both on correctly splitting data, but also buffering for work that one GPU has done before others. This way, instead of keeping a single GPU busy with something it has already completed, it can push the information to storage and then start working on the next required process. Given that these calculations occur sixty times per second at 60 FPS, deterring this save could be key for PlayStation’s cloud gaming services to produce the highest quality possible.

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Given the patent claims, this could help cloud gaming services achieve much higher levels of performance than before. For Sony’s PS5 system, which has the ability to run games like Quake at 120 FPS on its own, this could make streaming games at even higher frame rates possible. If the multiple GPUs can work together to stream at higher frame rates, several of Sony’s newer consoles should also be able to process at reception at those rates.

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