Who owns the Biltmore Company and the Biltmore Estate of the Vanderbilts?



The Biltmore Estate is located in Asheville, NC, and is home to America’s largest home in the United States, with 250 rooms to be exact. The estate sits atop 8,000 acres of land and is currently owned by The Biltmore Company.

The Biltmore Company is a family business, currently run by Bill Cecil Jr. and his children as well as Dini Cecil Pickering and his children. Bill Cecil Jr. is the current President and CEO of The Biltmore Company.

What is the Biltmore Estate worth today?

In 2017, Biltmore State was valued at nearly $ 300 million. While the house itself was worth $ 37 million, the restaurants and other places that the estate hosts greatly increase the estate’s value.

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Most of the Biltmore Estate is currently open to the public, allowing you to purchase entrance tickets or even reserve a venue to host your wedding. Entrance ticket prices start at $ 66 per adult and may increase seasonally. The Biltmore Company also offers annual passes, which are currently $ 249 per person.

Although The Biltmore Company’s annual earnings are not made available to the public as it operates as a private company, Cecil Picking admitted in 2017 that the estate generated $ 207 million the previous year. Pickering also revealed that a large portion of the proceeds is spent on “preserving [the estate’s] state. ”William Amherst Vanderbilt Cecil, former owner of The Biltmore Company, is said to have been known to have said,“ We ​​don’t preserve Biltmore to make a profit. We make a profit to preserve Biltmore.



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