LafargeHolcim aims for the ecological protection of offshore wind turbines


The Biden administration has set a goal of creating 30 GW of offshore wind by 2030. The team says the scour protection developed by its partnership would be the first and currently the only structural solution to combat the problem. the ecological impacts of offshore wind turbines on the sea environment, enabling a more sustainable industry and healthier oceans.

Offshore wind turbines require massive concrete foundations to anchor them in place. Hydrodynamic forces can create large holes around foundations, requiring scour protection. Scour protection units are designed to protect sediment from being washed away by currents, and are often installed in a mound to protect the foundations of turbines. This type of concrete infrastructure has a significant impact on sensitive seabed, ecosystems.

The goal will be to design and manufacture a fully structural concrete scour protection unit that facilitates the growth of marine organisms, while meeting all industry standards for seabed stabilization. The R&D collaboration includes a large-scale pilot project to assess the ecological performance of units in an offshore environment prior to implementation in large-scale installations.

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Stripping around a wind turbine base
Stripping around a wind turbine base

“Offshore power generation is a rapidly growing market in the world, and while there are certainly benefits to using renewable energies, these giant structures also have an impact on sensitive underwater ecosystems,” he said. said Dr Ido Sella, CEO and co-founder of ECOncrete. Technology. “We see our collaboration with LafargeHolcim in the United States as the key to minimizing this impact. “

“For LafargeHolcim in the US, we recognize that there are many avenues to achieve our net zero commitment, and most require innovative partnerships and original thinking,” said Josep Maset, Vice President of Business Excellence at LafargeHolcim in the United States. . “The work we are doing with ECOncrete Tech is a notable example of finding solutions that allow increased use of renewable energy in an environmentally friendly manner.

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