Google extends the deadline for integrating its billing system into Android apps by six months


In September 2020, Google said it would start forcing developers to use the Google Play billing system. Naturally, this means that the developers who use it must also pay a reduction in revenue to the company for each transaction of a digital good made through their app. This policy has always existed but was clarified last year, with Google warning that all developers must comply with it by September 30, 2021. Developers who still haven’t made progress on this front will be happy to learn. that the firm has now extended this period to six months.

Google says its billing system is extremely secure and provides a seamless experience for developers and end users. While most developers are already using it in their offerings, those who haven’t been forced to switch to the company’s billing system within a year of the initial announcement in September 2020. Google pointed out that this policy has always been there, but the language in its documentation has been clarified to indicate that it applies to all applications that allow the purchase of digital goods.

Google has received feedback from developers that due to the ongoing pandemic, it has been very difficult for remote engineering teams around the world to develop and release updates to their applications to make them in accordance with company policy. These problems have been pointed out by both small and large developers.

As such, Google is now extending the deadline until March 31, 2022, for those who opt. It is important to note that this extension will not work unless the developers request an extension through the Help Center. While the implication is that the deadline has been extended by six months, Google says it will consider each appeal on a case-by-case basis.

Interestingly, while Google’s billing policies are similar to Apple’s, Microsoft, on the other hand, allows developers to integrate third-party billing systems into their apps as long as they meet certain requirements. , and it doesn’t even reduce the income from purchases. made using these alternative payment methods.


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