Thursday, September 16 2021
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The work of tracking vehicles for a very long time was done manually. All employees had to update their location and even sometimes someone was specifically employed to perform this special task only to know the location of the entire fleet.

Since Rewired security have released their efficient and smart GPS trackers which contain almost everything you will need to track your vehicle all modified on the vehicle fleet management system.

Nowadays, fleet services use large scale GPS data not only to perform all tracking activities, but also to perform all kinds of data analysis, using such GPS tracking system for their vehicles.

GPS tracking systems nowadays are used for many different applications and some of them are as follows:

  1. Managing All Your Vehicles: To effectively run a business, you can monitor almost anything related to your vehicle to run your business using such a GPS tracking system.
  2. Recover any stolen vehicle: If any of your vehicles is stolen, this GPS tracking system can immediately track the current location of the vehicle.
  3. Locate Your Inventory: Often fleet service operators use their vehicles to transport goods for their customers and this system allows you to easily locate inventory.
  4. Increased Employee Safety: Such a system can also support the safety of drivers, as they can always be tracked quickly if they encounter an accident at a remote location.
  5. Monitor Fuel Consumption: Your fuel costs can increase dramatically for your business if you don’t monitor your vehicles’ routes, which can easily be done through a GPS tracking system.
  6. To get discounts on insurance premiums: All Insurance Company offers a discount for vehicles equipped with a GPS monitoring system.
  7. IMPROVED ANALYSIS: With the help of GPS data, you can keep accurate records of each individual vehicle, which can help you design effective plans to track maintenance schedules, decide routes, perform smarter allocation of vehicles, etc.
  8. Location Sharing: With the help of such a system, you can share your current location with your family or friends who might be interested in knowing your current location.
  9. Competitive Advantage: If you are running a business, this gives you a tool to effectively manage your business so that you have an advantage over your competition.
  10. Detect All Movements: If you have a fleet of vehicles, you will need a system to track the movements of all of your vehicles which this system can help you detect.
  11. Focus on Customers: You can provide better service to your customer by having such a GPS tracking system and improve your response.
  12. For route optimization: You can get real-time data and it can help you optimize all your routes to spend as little fuel as possible.

Considering the many advantages of GPS tracking system, so it makes sense that all cars are equipped with such GPS trackers.

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