Misinformation on social media creates fear among people: Audiovisual Officer


“We are waging a war against Covid-19, but some people are spreading misinformation to create fear among people regarding vaccination,” said Ms. Raheela, Audio Visual Manager, Family Welfare Branch, MCH and Vaccination, J&K .

She said misinformation is usually the work of people with a vested interest in achieving their own ends.

Ms Raheela, while dispelling misinformation, said vaccination had saved Covid-19 patients from complications and severity.

She said that in the initial phase of vaccination, there was hesitation among people, but towards the end of April, they were eager to get vaccinated.

While talking about the step taken by the Department of Family Welfare, MCH and Immunization, she said that the number of vaccinated people in the 45+ age group is much higher in the Jammu and Kashmir compared to the national average.

She said the Covaxin and Covishield vaccines are safe, which has been endorsed by the World Health Organization and other authorities. These Covid vaccines have been scientifically prepared and approved as safe and providing protection against infection. She said almost no one has reported any problem from the vaccine.

Ms Raheela also said it is extremely rare to find a fully vaccinated person dying from covid infection. However, if a person who received both vaccine injections became infected, that patient recovered immediately at home without hospitalization, she added.

She said doctors are also recommending covid vaccination for some patients before any surgery. Meanwhile, she asked everyone to come forward and get vaccinated to help win the war against this pandemic.


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