Wearable GPS Tracker Device for Women Safety on Amazon India


To ensure the safety of women, a GPS is essential. It helps you track your loved ones and monitor them. Here are some of the best GPS trackers on Amazon.

Having a GPS tracker is vital these days. These trackers help others keep an eye on your whereabouts. GPS trackers themselves don’t have screens but can track your location through global positioning systems. You can also use a phone and link it to the device to give you detailed information about where you are and where you need to go. Nowadays, having a GPS tracker is a must. So here are some of the best wearable GPS tracking devices for female safety

Onelap GO – Wireless GPS Tracker

Onelap is a powerful GPS management, security and intelligence platform. You can simply slip the Onelap GPS tracker into your bag and get instant access to valuable information about where you’ve been right from your smartphone. You can also share your location with other people so they always know where you are. This feature can be very beneficial for the elderly as well as for children. Inside the GPS tracker is a highly sensitive GPS chip that sends the person’s precise location to a cloud data server service that you can use to monitor the location live. The whole device is also quite small and you can use it for multiple purposes.

TrailO™ iSecureAssure – Mini GPS Tracker

This GPS device comes with an SOS function as well as voice monitoring. It tracks locations not only by GPS, but also by LBS and WiFi 3 Positioning Ways, which allows for more accurate readings of where the tracker might be. You can set up a Geofence for the tracker to restrict its movements to a specific area of ​​your choice. The unit will send notification alarm information to the smartphone app so you can take action immediately. The smartphone app and web server can save the downloaded data of the device for up to 3 months, and you can read the history route at any time.

Lamrod Supreme Wireless GPS Tracker

Here is a small, compact wireless GPS tracker that can get the job done easily. You can place it anywhere because it is so small and hide it. This can be a great safety measure for everyone. Having someone know your whereabouts is very important these days, and this GPS tracker lets you do just that. It can locate locations and easily track locations and share them with others. GPS can also be used to monitor voice remotely.

iChildguard Personal GPS Tracker

The mini GPS Tracker is a small device that can track people, pets or cars in real time. It saves location history for the last 30 days. The GPS tracker has a Power/SOS button which is a pretty good security feature. It can be connected to a smartphone or a PC, using which you can access location information and history. The SOS function can also be modified to alert a specific person or service in the event of an emergency. Overall, this GPS tracker is efficient and comes with a set of features that make it very effective.


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