Mini GPS Tracker for Pets on Amazon India



Protect your pets and know where they are at all times with these mini-GPS tracking devices.

We’ve all had panic attacks when our pets walk away without any warning. To prevent such events from happening, you should consider purchasing a mini GPS tracker for your pet. With these devices, you can find your pet when they wander away on walks, without running here and there and shouting their names erratically. If you are looking to buy a mini GPS tracker, make sure that it offers some form of relocation function so that it is easier for you to find it. Here are some great mini-GPS tracker options available on Amazon.

Drumstone Wireless Bluetooth GPS Locator

The Drumstone Wireless Bluetooth GPS Locator has an anti-lost alarm tracker feature that goes off when your pet moves more than 10m away from you. By intimidating yourself ahead of time, you would get there just in time and keep them from going astray. Moreover, due to its ultra-light and small size, you can easily use them on your pets without causing any inconvenience to them. The tracker uses built-in low-power Bluetooth 4.0 technology and has an overall effective range of up to 25m.

Boutique ultra-thin GPS tracking device

Boutique ultra-thin GPS tracking device has a one-touch search function by which you can easily find your pet. All you have to do is press a button and the device will emit a loud 80-95dB sound, enough to help you find your pet. It is easy to use and comes in a compact and portable form. In addition, it runs on low power consumption technology that gives it a standby time of 6 to 12 months, depending on the brand.

Trakbond Trail – The Smallest Real-Time GPS Tracker

The Trakbond Trail-Smallest Real Time GPS Tracker is a small tracker made with the latest in GPS tracking technology to help you keep your pets safe. The tracker is equipped with real-time tracking, which can be used to determine your pet’s current location. It also has a safe zone alert. This feature allows you to define a radius, and if your pet crosses this area, it will send you an instant alert by SMS or in-app notifications. Its modern and compact design makes it easier for your pets to carry without any discomfort.

TrailO â„¢ iSecureAssure – Mini GPS Tracker

The iSecureAssure-Mini TrailO â„¢ GPS tracker can set up a geofence that ensures your pet doesn’t stray too far. Thanks to geofencing technology, you can set up a defined perimeter, and if your pet exceeds it, it will send you an instant notification through its app. Plus, the TrailO â„¢ iSecureAssure – Mini GPS Tracker comes with a route history readout, in case you want to see if your pet has strayed somewhere while you were away.



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