Foldable gaming technologies for Samsung Neo QLED and QLED TVs – Audiovisual – News



Samsung has announcement that its 2021 line of Neo QLED (Mini LED) and QLED will incorporate some of the most popular features of its gaming monitors. The company obviously has its eye on the markets for the latest generation PlayStation and Xbox consoles, citing gaming capabilities fluids at 4K 120Hz, but the addition of variable refresh rate (VRR), low latency, low input lag technology, and fast response times are going to be popular. to those who also use these large screens for PC gaming.

“Consumers want high-end TVs that can enhance the gaming experience, whether they’re playing on a PC or on a console.” said Younghun Choi, executive vice president of Visual Display Business, Samsung Electronics. “This is why it was essential for us to develop and optimize the key gaming features of our award-winning monitors and TV screens in 2021. These enhancements will allow consumers to unlock the full power of next-gen gaming on our Neo QLED and QLED line. “

Introductions to Samsung’s 2021 line of premium TVs will include the new Game Bar. Samsung describes this as an intuitive user interface that provides quick access to parameter settings such as aspect ratio, input lag. , Bluetooth device connections, etc. Additionally, it facilitates optimized QLED gaming visuals through the Samsung AI processor.

Meditating on specific models, the 50-inch Samsung Q90A and all other 55-inch and above QLED models are the first TVs to support AMD FreeSync Premium Pro technology. This is best known for its PC application, but will also allow low latency HDR, tear-free, and stutter-free gaming for consoles.

Another benefit brought to the latest TVs is the implementation of the immersive ultra-wide gaming experience. Specifically, PC gamers will be able to use these UW modes. Models supporting these proportions (21: 9 and 32: 9) include the Q70A and above.

To round out the audiovisual feast here, Samsung says the new 2021 Neo QLED and QLED TVs deliver crisp, clear, and immersive sound, eliminating the need for additional speakers. Interestingly, Game Object Tracking Sound uses AI technology for positional audio, helping the audio landscape reflect the action onscreen.



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