GPS tracking crashed on Apple Watch after updating watchOS


Apple rolled out watchOS 7 earlier this month with much fanfare after the typical iPhone event in September was all about the new Apple Watch.

And while the software update obviously comes with a lot of improvements, including sleep tracking, it looks like it poses a new problem for Apple Watch owners as well.

It’s related to GPS tracking, which apparently broke down after the update. Users complain on Apple forums that no GPS information is recorded for their workouts.

“I used the Outdoor Walk activity on my watch, but this time I didn’t take my iPhone. When I returned and attempted to upload the activity to Strava, I received a warning that no GPS / route data was present. I checked the Fitness and Health apps, and of course there was no route on the map – just the starting point, ”says an Apple Watch owner in a thread spotted by 9to5mac.

No workaround yet

At this point, it looks like both old and new Apple Watch models are affected, including Series 3 and Series 4.

Contacting Apple doesn’t seem to make a difference, as support staff aren’t sure what’s going on either, and most fixes don’t bring things back to normal.

“I spoke to someone at Apple Support and they suggested that I disable / re-enable a few associated privacy settings. Since then I tried another Outdoor Walk activity, without the phone, and the problem persists – no GPS / route data ”, continues the same user.

While the issue most commonly affects Strava, other apps also seem to suffer from the same GPS tracking issue.

The worst part is that even though watchOS 7 seems to be the culprit, downgrading to an older version of the OS is not possible, so for now, users are just stuck with this problem.


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