Watch how this anti-drone system shoots down a DJI with a laser


So far we’ve seen different types of anti-drone tech: from eagles (luckily this has been canceled) to air ram. And now there is the Drone Dome laser, developed by an Israeli company Rafael Advanced Defense Systems (or simply Rafael). It uses a high powered laser beam to track and shoot down hostile drones, even a few at a time. Rafael shared a video to show off the technology, and it indeed looks quite powerful.

The company explains that Drone Dome can detect objects as small as 0.002 square meters, at a distance of 3.5 km (2.1 miles). When the system detects the drone, the operator can choose between two views on it: “coarse view” (a more distant view) or “fine view” (a close view on the drone). You can see in the video what each of them looks like.

Then when it comes to taking down a rogue drone, there are two options as well. Drone Dome uses either a radio frequency jammer or the laser beam. In the video above, you can see what it looks like when a laser beam is used, and it’s pretty destructive. The plastic casing begins to melt and the drone’s electronics begin to fail. There are pieces of plastic and metal falling from the drone, it is destroyed.

Even maneuvering the drone won’t help. When the system detects the drone, it locks it down and follows it, engaging the laser which ends up killing it. The system can even shoot down drone “swarms”, and in the video you can see what it looks like when Drone Dome shoot down three.

So far, people have found a lot of solutions to eliminate malicious drones. Some of them are pretty badass, like this DJI M600 turned into a drone killer. The others are, well… not really fancy, like that giant net or that shotgun drone. The use of a laser beam is apparently quite powerful. What I don’t like is that it destroys the drone completely. In my opinion, this is too intrusive and could be overkill. Yet Drone Dome opens up new possibilities and I wonder how, where and if it will be used to shoot down rogue drones.

[via Drone DJ]


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