Company tracks chickens by GPS to ensure they are healthy and organic



Your future chicken dinner is about to have its own Fitbit-like device.

Chinese online insurance company ZhongAn Online has developed a new poultry GPS tracker called GoGo Chicken, according to the the Wall Street newspaper. The device fits around the animal’s leg while sensors monitor information such as the chicken’s environment, what it eats, and the amount of exercise it does.


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ZhongAn designates the product as “Block chain agriculture” because it uses public real-time recording technology popularized by cryptocurrency to store its data on chickens.

The information GoGo Chicken collects is not only for those who deal with poultry. Consumers will also be able to monitor the daily life of the chicken through a mobile app.

The hope is that the GPS tracking device will help prevent food safety issues. If something goes wrong, the data tracked by the devices could help find the source of the problem. However, ZhongAn also has its own use of technology. As an insurance company that covers the agricultural industry, it seeks to reduce its own risks and liabilities through the data it collects.

In one report, NPR says 100,000 chickens already wear the monitoring device. ZhongAn says the devices will be found on 2,500 farms in China by 2020. NPR also reports that the company is developing facial recognition technology for poultry so that customers can make sure they are eating the same chicken as they are eating. they chose on the farm.

In the near future, consumers will be able to confirm that their organic free-range chicken actually roams freely outdoors with a GPS tracking device attached to it.

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