Benefits of GPS Tracking Devices for Kids


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Parenting comes with a wide range of challenges and perhaps the hardest part is making sure your child is safe when you’re not around. Children tend to push boundaries and explore new things as they grow, which is how they learn about the world around them.

In fact, all parents want their children to experience new things and have fun, but the disappearance or abduction of a child can be the worst experience a parent can have. At the beach, in a mall, or in any crowded public place, a child can wander out of sight in seconds.

According to statistics, the number of people reported missing in London alone is 43,000 every year, of which around 22,000 are under the age of 18. With such frightening statistics, every parent is justified in wanting to make sure their child is safe and taking all necessary steps to ensure they are protected at all times. Fortunately, families can take a number of precautions to improve the safety of their children.

GPS tracking systems are constantly evolving and continue to prove useful in a variety of situations, improving the safety of millions of people around the world. A tracking device is able to report its position using global positioning satellites, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, anywhere on the planet.

Using a personal GPS tracking device coupled with reliable mapping software, family members have access to frequent and reliable updates on their child’s whereabouts. A personal tracking device can be attached to a person or a vehicle to ensure their safety.

A small personal tracker can easily be placed in a person’s bag or pockets and will report their location 24/7. Additionally, using a magnetic case, parents can attach the tracker to a metal surface such as the bottom of a car or motorcycle owned by their teenage children.

spy trail

SpyTrack Nano was designed with simplicity and ease of use in mind, it’s a small GPS tracker for kids, which can be used to enhance their safety anytime. Once the SpyTrack Nano is placed, parents can track their children’s movements and location in real time using a PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

The cloud-based tracking software and mobile app allows viewing of real-time location, route history as well as speed and dwell times. In the event a child goes missing or is abducted by a stranger, family members can track their precise location and alert law enforcement. As a result, authorities can retrieve the child safely and quickly.

Knowing that they will be able to locate their child in seconds using a smartphone, parents can have the peace of mind they need even in crowded places and have fun while letting their children have fun .

An extra layer of safety is provided by the SOS button that your child can press in an emergency. The SOS button alerts authorized phone numbers set by parents each time it is pressed. The tracker will send the precise location and time via SMS, email or smartphone notification.

The SOS button can prevent injuries, kidnappings and similar situations and it is a great way to protect your child from danger. SpyTrack cloud-based tracking software offers geo-fence zones that allow users to draw areas on the map around important places such as; their home, their work or their child’s school.

In addition to the SOS button, the GPS tracker can be configured to send a notification each time a person wearing the personal tracker enters or leaves a predefined geofencing zone. This way, parents can keep an eye on their child and take action if their child leaves school or home early.

SpyTrack Nano Personal Tracker Features:

• Weight: 60 grams
• Standby time: 10 days
• Coverage: worldwide
• Accuracy: up to 1-2 meters
• Water resistance: IP65 rating
• Geo-fence areas
• Fits in small pockets

While we hope you never have to use technology to locate your child, it’s better to take the necessary precautions than to be sorry. No technology can completely protect a child, but the SpyTrack Nano personal tracker can significantly reduce the risk of something horrible happening to them. The added layer of protection and security that personal trackers provide can reassure worried parents. Kids can enjoy playing outside from the safety of their home, teens can drive in comfort knowing their parents are watching them closely.


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